Basically, gray matter covers the nerve fibres and white matter connects one nerve fibre to another. buy viagra without prescription Metaphorically, gray matter can be thought as the computer and white matter is the cables and wires that connect the computers. These ‘wires’ are coated in myelin, an electric insulation that helps the neurons send signals to one another. When the myelin degenerates, there are problems that occur within the brain and therefore are classified as ‘demyelinating diseases’. best generic viagra pharmacies Problems associated with white matter multiple sclerosis (m. can i buy viagra at chemist S. where to buy viagra yahoo answers ) alzheimer's disease obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd) schizophrenia chronic depression multiple sclerosis (m. S. is there a generic viagra ) what is ms? viagra can women take It is a chronic nervous disorder where the immune system attacks the nervous system which results in demyelination (loss of myelin fibres) which means that the quick and efficient transmission of nerve impulses is weakened and damaged. The average 20 year old male has 176,000 km worth of myelinated fibres and the average 20 year old female has 149,000 km. generic viagra online On average, you lose 10% of the length every decade. viagra use side effects (decline due to loss of thinner fibres). viagra online without prescription Multiple sclerosis (cont’d) other factors that can contribute to ms: genetics - if a parent or sibling in your immediate family has ms then that increases your risk of getting the disease. Environment - people living close to the equator get more vitamin d from the sun and vitamin d is good for your immune system and may protect against developing ms. viagra use side effects Sickness – during childhood, many children are exposed to disease, viruses and bacteria that can cause demyelination such as measles, human herpes virus-6, chlamydia pneumonia and epistein-barr (which can cause mono). Multiple sclerosis (cont’d) possible symptoms: stiffness muscle spasms depression/emotional changes sexual malfunction decrease in cognitive function (ability to learn, remember, organize, problem solve, focus, plan etc. ) balance and coordination difficulty numbness fatigue â  rare symptoms: speech impediment difficulty swallowing headaches hearing loss seizures breathing difficulties multiple sclerosis (cont’d) treatments: there is no cure for ms but fda-approved disease-modifying agents (dma) can be given. â  dma: â  avonex - prolongs worsening effects of ms (after 1 st exacerbation, avonex delays time to a 2 nd exacerbation) â  betaseron - delays time between exacerbations â  extavia - fewer exacerbations, longer amount of time between exacerbations and less severe exacerbations (then people on the placebo pills). Multiple sclerosis (cont’d) future implications: most people diagnosed with ms have a relapsing form of ms which can slowly lead to disability. viagra no prescription Others with ms may only have a few, mild relapses and only have.